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Bowling Tips

Arm swing loose

Best bowling comes when you keep your arm swing loose and the best way to do that is by keeping the grip relaxed especially through the thumb. Take the ball that gives a perfect fit to your hand or you will end up squeezing your hand and it will hamper your throw.

The drop away method

You must not push the throw but just drop the ball. Though it seems away from logic but this is what makes the throw better. You must release the ball on your second step. This is a bit though to start off with but once you get a hang of it you will find it much more effective.
Lower body leverage

You must try and use your lower body that is you must bend your knee at the last step to get down lower to the lane. You ought to balance your body and your upper body should be erect.

Finish near the foul line

Never leave the ball too away from the foul line but just few inches behind it. It should be an optimal release. This allows the ball to go further down the lane and it reaches with more force when it hits the pins.

Experience from television

There is nothing more beneficial than watching professional bowlers and learning from their style. You must try and copy them but learn from their ways of bowling. You should develop your own style suiting your personality and body.

Good quality shoes
You must buy good quality shoes as there is nothing more embarrassing than slipping on the floor while bowling. The shoe you buy must have a very good quality rubber heel.

More of a mental game

You must relax during playing and believe in your game. This is more of a mental game and if you think you are good then you will certainly win.

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