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Cake Decorating Tips

Baking cakes is thought to be tough be decorating cakes is the toughest. You have to think of the flavor and the design and patience is a must quality for decorating a cake beautifully. You can choose from lemon to carrot to chocolate to even orange as your flavor for the cake.

This is the most essential aspect when it comes to decorating cakes. Though there are some set norms like on a carrot cake you cannot have mango topping or on a pineapple cake we normally do not expect a water melon but here is where you are challenged. Variety and fresh ideas sell. So you have to be totally geared up to think for some new ideas.

This technique can turn out to be messy but is the first step in decorating a cake as it makes it smooth. You must allow the cake to cool for approximately 25 minutes before you begin to frost otherwise it may start melting. Whipped cream must be used as it eases the frosting process and the corners should be frosted first. Thin layers should be applied first and your knife should only touch the icing and not the cake. Even strokes should be used to smoothen the icing and if it is difficult to do so then you must dip your knife in hot water which makes the icing more manageable. To decorate the icing a fork could be used. Icing can be thickened for making flowers and for writings on birthdays. Star tips are ideal for creating zigzag effect and also shells on top of the cake.

A cake is incomplete without toppings and some of the most famous and liked toppings are nuts, chocolates, and gems, fruits like strawberry, pineapple, peaches and apple. Even gum drops and sprinkles are used to decorate cakes.

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