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Computers are in just about every household in the United States. With the help of the Internet, many of us conduct business, go shopping, or pay our bills online. But your computer needs to be taken care of to avoid dangerous viruses or other problems that may cause your investment to become damaged. Following a few simple computer tips can ensure you that your computer will last for a long time. Defragmenting the hard drive is something that every computer owner should do on a regular basis. This process eliminates any excess files that can “clog” up your hard drive. It is recommended that you defragment your hard drive at least once per month. One of the most important computer tips anyone can follow is to buy a good virus protection program. These programs can help keep your computer safe from any “hackers” or third parties who try and infiltrate your computer, which can cause it to crash. Everyone should have at least one good anti-virus program.

Many people think that computer tips only involve the memory portion of the computer, but taking care of the physical aspects are important as well. It is recommended that you thoroughly dust your computer with some compressed air at least once a month to clear out debris that can get inside the hard drive and cause harm. Using the compressed air, spray inside the computer's case, as well as in the CD-ROM drives to get any excess dust out. Another important tip for computer care is to be sure your computer's internal fan is working properly. The fan keeps the CPU cool in order to avoid it overheating, which can cause the computer to crash. Check the fan to make sure it is working on a regular basis. Following these simple computer tips will ensure that your computer is working at its optimum level and that it is protected from harm.

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