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Dog Training Tips

Dogs are the most faithful friend of humans but like everybody they also need proper guidance, love and training on the ways to live in a society and a house. Training a puppy is the easiest or if your dog becomes an adult then many sessions of a dog trainer would be the only alternative which is even heavy on the pocket. If not taught properly puppies learn bad habits so some of the training techniques are mentioned below which helps make you dog trained.

House Training

Nobody likes to see their carpets or tiles messed up by your puppy going to the toilet there. This is one the main reasons that you must opt for dog training. The dog should be taken out on regular intervals and especially after meals. You must never hit the dog when he fails to understand your commands. With time it would get the hang of going to the toilet only when taken out by you.

Walk training

Taking your dog for a walk tied to a chain will not be liked by it for a start. But with passing time it will become used to it. Dogs normally pull you along as this is their nature and they are very curious of other animals. You must try and not pull the dog as this hampers its enjoyment.

Dog treating tips

Dog treats should be used as prize or encouragement for obedience. As training a dog requires time and a lot of hard work appreciation of dog is very essential after commands like sit and stand are obeyed. This makes the dog realize good behavior with time and they readily respond to commands. Dogs must be taught without hitting as words and appreciation works more with them. They must be brought into the house only when totally trained and not under pressure from children.

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