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Fishing Tips

Everybody has his or her style of fishing but there are some guidelines if followed can make your catch easy and even lump some.

Always have a fresh line

You must make it a point to have fresh line on the reel because it is only through your hook and reel that you will be holding on to your fish. These come in very cheap so can be easily changed.

Find different places

The place you choose to fish must be a different one where many fishers don not come as that would decrease your probability of a catch. You can check out local maps or even the internet for lakes and rivers.

Fish close to the shore

If you want to catch a good quantity of salmon you must fish near the shore as this is the place where salmons are caught the most. More fishes are present nears to the shore than in the deep waters.

Good bait

This is the only way by which you can attract your prey. Good quality bait would no doubt cost a little more but would make your job easy and possible within no time.

Check the line after each catch

Nothing is as painful as seeing your catch going away due to a break in your fish line. The fish line sometimes becomes weak so must check and recheck it after every fish catch to be double sure.

Be careful

Sometimes you are lucky enough to catch a good strong fish but it might end up struggling a lot making you control it impossible and the hook could hit you. So you must try and wear safety gear and be alert at all times.

Learn from others experience

If your father or grandfather offers you advice do listen as no amount of logic can work in front of experience of life.

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