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A body is considered healthy not only when it is disease free but also well toned and without extra fat. Being medically fit does not ensure that you are totally healthy. Some of the following techniques would help you effectively maintain a healthy body.

Diminish fat

Obvious fat like butter and junk food should be avoided. Many low fat versions of milk, sandwich and even butter and mayonnaise are available which are healthy for the body. But even these low fat foods should be taken in fewer amounts.

Reduce stress

This might seem shocking but stress is one of the main reasons that spoil's our health. You must spend considerable amount of time in a day doing the activity you like. Once in a month you must get your self pampered with a face massage, hair cut or a general body massage. Meditation is also a very good stress buster.

Cut down on smoking

Smoking is very harmful for health. You must tell our children the bad effects of smoking and if you are an active smoker you must join an organization offering services to help quit smoking or you yourself must be determined enough to quit it.


This is the best way to remain fit. You ought to opt for the stair case rather than the escalator. You must play our favorite game in the evening and take our dog for a walk. You do not have to join the gm to stay fit. Just small exercises regularly will help you feel healthier.

Exposure to pollution

You must avoid passive smoking, walking on smoke filled streets, and moving near factories. You must exercise during earl morning or late evening when pollution levels are low. You must plant lots of plants in your garden to reduce the negative effect of pollution. A good idea is using air purifiers indoors to clean the air your breathe in.

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