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Jewelry Cleaning Tips

Everything needs care to last long be it humans or even jewelry. Many types and kinds of jewelry are preferred nowadays including those made of gold, silver, platinum and diamonds. Though all these products are made strong enough to withstand long periods of time but this does not make them indestructible. Both gold and silver are malleable and ductile and hence are the most common elements in jewelry.


Gold is a rare soft metal and is calculated in carats. Largely soap and chlorine in water makes gold dull so wearing gold jewelry to the bathroom should be avoided. Grease can be removed by putting gold into alcohol or by a soft brush and warm water. Gold rings should be avoided from scratches while doing work like gardening and washing utensils. Even bleach should be kept away from when wearing gold jewelry.


Silver jewelry should at all times be stored in acid free paper and never tied by a rubber band. Smudged silver can be renewed by rubbing with a soft cloth or silver cleaning solutions easily available in the market. These by and large leave a covering over silver and protect it.

Diamonds and Gemstones

You must always check the gemstone or diamond is secure in its setting. Diamond jewelry can also be cleaned using a brush and warm water. Even ruby and emerald can be soaked in warm water to remove grease, dust and dead skin that accumulates in the jewelry. But you must never leave pearls, amber and opal soaking in water as they have absorbing property and lose their luster.


Pearls are the most sensitive and require utmost attention. Pearls are affected by sprays, creams and even nail polish remover. They need special care and must be worn with heed and after all products on the skin have dried out. Before storing they should be cleaned with a cloth.

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