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Kissing Tips

The first kiss should always be done while the two of you are alone as this avoids any unnecessary nervousness and embarrassing circumstances. You should always begin with a simple kiss and then go ahead to a French kiss along with kissing your partners chin and neck. Though how one enjoys kissing varies from person to person but by following the tips mentioned below you can make your kiss a memorable one.

Good breath and moist lips

This is one of the most important factors in kissing. You must brush your teeth before going to a date or use mints if you smoke. There is no worse experience than kissing a person with foul smelling mouth. Very dry and parched lips also make kissing very uncomfortable. You must use a lip balm or even wet your lips with your tongue before kissing as this makes the incidence more enjoyable and pleasant.

Your position

Your position while kissing your partner determines a lot of things. You ought to be close and must tilt your head in the opposite direction than your partner. This makes you kiss well. You should even try and close your eyes just before your lips meet as most pleasant and memorable things are done with closed eyes.

Closed lips

This is the kiss when you wish someone hello or good bye or when you are meeting your date for the first time and are too nervous to take the leap of kissing passionately. This also makes a good kiss for your aunts and helps you keep distance with people you don't like.

Open lips

After you have kissed your partner much number of times you can try this type of kissing. You must not hold your breath but try breathing through your nose. You can master this technique in a few tries. This is a wonderful way of kissing. But remember not to open too wide as this might make your partner feel uncomfortable.

Looking to meet that special someone? When dating don't rush the first kiss.

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