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Photography Tips

Great photos do not need very expensive or digital cameras. With a simple camera also you can click very fascinating and beautiful photographs if you have the right technique. Mentioned below are some techniques which if you follow and help you become a good photographer.

Change the tone

The tone for cameras is normally auto set to white but when you are shooting outdoors you must change it to cloudy. It sounds strange but it renders more warm pictures giving them more life and gives your lifeless dull photos variation and excitement.

Polarizing filter

You can consider the option of using a polarizing filter. A polarizer is a filter that reduces glare and unwanted reflections. Photos clicked with this filter have polarized shots have richer and more saturated colors. The polarizing effect is best when the light source is at a ninety degree angle from the subject.


Flash is the most important feature of a camera as it exposes for the background first and then has enough light for your picture. You must not stand too far and this procedure is best used for marriages.

Macro mode

This course of action is used to record the minutest of detail. Like insects crawling inside the grass. You must focus on your thing of interest only with the close up mode of the camera.

Self Timer

The self timer feature is very exciting and helps you being creative. You would obviously scare giving your camera to strangers so this option is very handy and helps you click your photographs with utmost precision and high quality.


Tripod is an instrument used in photography which has three legs and hence supports the camera firmly. The only problem is that it is sometimes difficult to carry them to tough terrains. But nowadays many compact and versatile tripods have been invented which are easy to carry and even pocket friendly.

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