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When using a printer either at home or for business purposes, it is important to use the printer ink judiciously else you will be spending more on the recurring cartridge cost than you might have spent on the printer itself!

Ink cartridges can cost up to 60% percent of the total printer cost.

Now how do you make optimum use of your ink cartridge?

Consider the following:

  • Print only what is necessary.
  • Edit and format your document and then check out the Print Preview before you print your document. This will give you an idea of what the printed page will look like.
  • Set your printing options to an appropriate combination according to your requirement. You can use the print window (from the FILE menu or the Standard toolbar) to optimize your settings before doing a printing job.
  • Do not use the printer so sparingly that your printer ink cartridge dries up! Print one odd paper when your printer is idle for a long time. This is usually a problem faced when using a printer for home/personal use.
  • Keeping your printer idle for a long time can also clog the nozzles and in the end waste ink when you have to clear the nozzles. Now you probably will wonder how you end up wasting ink while cleaning the nozzles…most printer cleaning procedures require some excess amount of ink to be pushed out of the nozzle with more pressure than usual to unclog the nozzles hence putting your ink to complete waste.
  • The kind of ink or rather the brand of ink you use also affects the maximum number of pages that you can print with the cartridge. However whilst the manufacturer’s own brand of ink is usually going to be the best compatible ink cartridges for your printer can still work well.

You also end up wasting ink if you do not use the right kind of paper for the right kind of printing job.

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