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Skin Care Tips

Skin care is not only taking care of your face but also of your entire body and not with fancy products but by own care and protection. Skin is that organ of the body which shows our beauty as well as health and thus needs to be maintained properly. There are three types of skins oily, dry, and normal which require different attention and care. Some of the ways of marinating good skin are as follows.


Proper cleansing of the skin using gentle cleansers is very important to open the pores and help the skin breathe. You must not scrub too hard but gently massage and then wash the cleanser off with cold water. You should remember as to never prick on pimples or try and scrub them off with a towel as this might lead to swelling or even a permanent scar.

Avoiding sun exposure

An oil free moisturizer of a sufficient sun protection factor should be applied before stepping out of the house as a protective coating is essential for the skin. Many harmful rays and pollutants can be avoided by covering yourself properly with umbrella and hats which shields the skin from skin burns and even irritations.

Eating habits

Skin is harmfully affected when we miss out on vital vitamins like vitamin a, vitamin c and water. You must eat fruits like apricots, oranges and spinach. Fried foods and beverages must be avoided as they release certain toxins which lead to pimples and acne and thus lead to a bad condition of the skin.

Intake of retinoid

Retinoid is an anti aging product. It is a form of vitamin a. It generally reduces the skin cell production rate and makes the skin smooth and soft. The complexion becomes better and on average you can see results within 20 days.

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