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Tanning Bed Tips

When bathing suit season arrives, many people rush to the tanning salon to get a nice bronze glow before hitting the beach. If you decide to use a tanning booth or bed, following some very important tanning bed tips can help you prevent getting burned. Since a tanning bed exposes your skin to harmful ultraviolet rays, safety is of the utmost importance. You should always start slowly when trying to achieve a dark tan. If you stay in the tanning bed too long, your skin will burn and it can be painful as well as unsafe. Try to limit your sessions to a few minutes each the first few times until your skin has adapted to the rays. One of the most important tanning bed tips is to always wear goggles when tanning. These special goggles help protect your eyes from the harmful rays that can cause eyesight problems, so call your tanning salon and make sure they provide these. If they don't, it's highly recommended that you go to another salon or find some goggle of your own to bring.

Of course, using a tanning bed also has some wonderful advantages as well. When you get a tan through a salon, you are getting fuller and more even coverage. Additionally, being tan already before hitting the beach will help you avoid those painful sunburns. Talk to the staff at your local salon for some tanning bed tips. Most people will be able to give you useful advice that can save your skin and your money. There are also alternatives to going to a professional salon. Many people choose to buy their own tanning beds for use in their homes, which can save you money in the long run if you plan on tanning all year long. Buying a used tanning bed can save you a bundle while still giving you a great tan. Look into financing options and find a deal that will not be too hard on your wallet. Following these tanning bed tips will help save your skin, and give you a great looking tan that everyone will admire.

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