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If a vacation for you and your family is on the horizon, before you pack those suitcases, make sure you follow some important travel tips to help make your time away from home safe and fun. The first thing you should consider is how you want to carry your money. Although cash is easy, traveler's checks are a good way to make sure your money is safe in case it gets lost in the excitement. Almost every merchant worldwide today accepts them, and they ensure you that if by chance you lose your wallet or someone else gets a hold of them, that you are protected from theft or fraud. Packing up before you leave is also of the utmost importance, so make a list of everything you need well in advance before you go. Then organize everything before you pack it away to make sure you have all the items on your list and haven't forgotten anything.

If you are planning a long vacation, one of the most important of all travel tips is to plan out your outing well in advance. Do some research on the area you are visiting, and look into the best restaurants and attractions before you get there. This way, when you arrive you already have a good, solid itinerary laid out for you. Fodor's is a great resource for travel tips, and offers up some wonderful advice on traveling both here in the US and abroad. Most Fodor's books can be found in your local bookstore or purchased online. If you are flying rather than driving, it is important that you look into weight and luggage restrictions, as well as any special circumstances such as bringing a pet on board. Be sure to arrive well in advance of your flight to avoid missing the plane, and be aware that you will have to go through security checks before you can board your flight. These are just a few important travel tips that should be followed, and if you do, you're sure to have a nice, carefree, relaxing vacation.

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